Another very warm night, the warmest this month

Thursday was a cloudier day, just 6.3 hours of sunshine with the daytime temperature close to the average with a peak of 22.8C (+0.1C). The past night was similar to the obvious night with a low of 14.9C which was a significant 3.1C above average. The warmth in the ground from hotter days is not escaping into the atmosphere at night due to cloud cover acting as a duvet!

The rainfall in July still stands at 0.3mm whereas the equivalent rainfall from evaporation into the atmosphere from the ground and plant life now totals 41mm. No wonder the Rivers Og and Kennet, flowing through Marlborough, are showing a steady fall in depth.

Initially Friday began with considerable cloud but by 08.00 a few breaks were occurring allowing the thermometer to climb to 17.3C at that time.

Update on Friday at 16.45: temperature rises again to maximum of 24.2C at 16.05, which was 1.5C above average. Wind gusting to 18mph and since early morning veering from west to northwest.