After the deluge comes an air frost!

After a few minutes of brightness on Monday morning the very heavy showers built up and continued for most of the day producing 9.9mm of rainfall.

As we were still under the influence of the mild Atlantic air the temperature rose a little, again above average, to a maximum of 11.1C.

Late morning the wind began to veer from the southwest into the northwest bringing a slow drop in temperature.

Overnight a clearing sky meant that a slight air frost occurred with the thermometer dropping to -0.2C.

Tuesday arrived with a mostly clear sky and sunshine as soon it it got up with the promise of much more than the 9 minutes that were recorded on Monday. Thanks are due to the temporary ridge of high pressure that has been building for the last twenty-four hours with a 24Mb rise.

Update on Tuesday at 17.40: first below average maximum temperature day for a week with 6.1C (-1.7C) at 13.27, currently 5.1C. Early sunshine gave way to increasing cloud before noon with first rain from next weather front falling just before 17.30.