47mph – that was windy!

Saturday saw the wind strength increase again with a peak gust of 47mph. The day was dry but rain started at 18.10 with an intense short burst at 19.34 producing a daily total of 4.6mm. We have yet to have a totally dry day in March with the monthly total now 69.4mm.

The thermometer eased above average again (+1C) with a maximum of 11.3C but the wind strength produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 8C at the warmest part of the day.

Overnight the temperature tumbled producing a minimum of 2.3C at 06.31 Sunday morning. This began to rise as strong sunshine greeted the new morning lifting the temperature to 4.3C at 08.00.

Update on Sunday at 15.35: maximum temperature depressed with peak of 9.3C, which was 1C below average in brisk westerly wind gusting to 21mph