More sunshine and fewer showers

The heavy showers on Monday evaded this area skirting to the north and south until early evening that then amounted to 0.9mm in total. That brought the monthly rainfall total to 52.0mm when the 38-year average is 60.7mm.

The wind having backed into a more westerly direction meant a slightly warmer day than Sunday but with a peak of 15.4C was still 2.1C below the average.

A very cool night followed with the thermometer sinking 6.3C, just below average.

There was some early morning sunshine on Tuesday, just after 07.30, but thick shower clouds, seen on the rainfall radar, are approaching from the west.

The low pressure system that was with us yesterday is still over the country today with a reading of 1012.0mb at 08.00, bringing the changeable weather.

Very cool by day and night

Thanks to the breeze from the east-northeast on Sunday the temperatures by day and night were depressed. The thermometer only reached 14.6C being 2.9C below average and the coldest day since the 1st. Overnight the thermometer fell away to 5.7C just after midnight, 00.49, being 0.7C below average.

There was a very brief shower at 17.15 but so little it was not measurable.

Monday greeted us with total cloud cover ahead of showers approaching from the west. The air movement is currently from the south.

Cool due tomcod wind

The wind from the north on Saturday depressed the temperature with a maximum of 18.4C although this was just above average (+0.9C). It was a dry day but just after dawn on Sunday, at 06.30, a rogue shower drifted down from the north producing 0.2mm.

The overnight minimum of 7.8C was 1.2C above the average.

Sunday arrived with total cloud cover that contained the brief shower. After 08.00 it began to brighten but no prolonged sunshine, as thicker cloud from the north approached the area.

Due to the anticyclone easing away from the UK northwards, the wind is coming from the east-northeast.

Sun and lots of it on Friday!

The many hours of strong sunshine on Friday raised the temperature to 19.9C being 2.4C above the average. It would have been higher except for the fact that the wind after dawn veered from the west into the northwest, a cooler direction. The UV level of 7.0 was again rated as Very High.

The monthly rainfall still stands at 50.9mm against the 38-year average of 60.7mm. Set against that must be the equivalent loss of rainfall due to evaporation that so far this month amounts to 71mm.

It has been a very cool night with the thermometer dropping to 5.3C, which was 1.1C below the average.

Saturday brought a mainly sunny start to the day with light, variable cloud and the thermometer having recovered to 12.7C at 08.00 at which time the barometric pressure read 1027.0mb having strengthened 2mb since Friday.

Barometric pressure rises

Thursday brought more sunshine and a dry day as the anticyclone built with the UV level back again to Very High. The wind began to veer from west to northwest late afternoon with a peak gust of 22mph.

Temperature extremes were 17.8C (+0.3C) and 11.8C (+5.2C) overnight.

Friday arrived with welcome sunshine after dawn with the wind now settled into the northwest, a cooler direction that west. The air temperature at 08.00 had recovered to 14.4C. The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm read 16.1C at 08.00, the highest at that time since 11th September. The barometric reading at 08.00 was 1025.4mb, the highest since the 8th.