Changes afoot!

Friday was a repeat of previous days with a northeasterly breeze but it was cooler. The temperature did not get above the average as the peak of 11.8C was 2.3C below.

With the sky clear of cloud early evening the thermometer dropped steadily to produce a sharp air frost as the temperature dropped below freezing at 00.15 early Saturday with a minimum of -2.4C at 05.48, which was 6.1C below the average for April.

After dawn the sun shone strongly to raise the temperature to 5.0C at 08.00.

The centre of the anticyclone is forecast to move from North Wales to off the Devon coast today. Ask a result the wind will slowly veer from the east through south to probably south-southwest later today. At last we will lose the nagging northeasterly.

Still that nagging northeasterly!

With a less strong breeze on Thursday and some brightness the temperature recovered a couple of degrees from the very cold Wednesday but the peak of 12.9C was still 1.2C below the average.

The past night was also a couple of degrees warmer than the previous being 1.5C above the average.

The rainfall for April still stands at 16.6mm, which is only 29% of the 38-year average or 41.1mm below. It is looking as if this April will be the driest since 2017 when just 8.2mm of rainfall was recorded.

The ground is so dry as 58mm of equivalent rainfall has been lost to the atmosphere through evaporation from the ground and plant life. That figure now exceeds the average April rainfall.

Friday brought some welcome brightness to start the day that lifted the temperature to 7.8C at 08;00.

The centre of the high is now over the UK with a current reading at 08.00 of 1032.2mb, the highest this month.

Coldest day for almost a month on Wednesday

Wednesday was a thoroughly unpleasant day with total cloud cover and the northeasterly wind making it feel very cool. The thermometer struggled to reach 10.6C late in the afternoon, which was 3.5C below the average and the coldest day since 3rd April.

It was another dry day, the nineteenth this month, but due to thick cloud the UV level of 2.3 was in the ‘Low’ category, and the lowest since 30th March.

It was the coldest night since the 15th with a minimum of 3.3C being 0.4C below the average.

Thursday arrived with total cloud cover and a light breeze from the northeast, yet again. We have now endured eight consecutive days with the wind from the very cool northeast.

The anticyclone has moved further south and now over the UK with the highest barometric pressure since the beginning of the month with a reading of 1031.5mb at 08.00

Nothing new to report – cool, dry & breezy!

The only small change in the weather pattern of late was that on Tuesday we had a little more sunshine and the breeze was a little lighter. A maximum of 15.9C was 1.8C above the average and overnight a low of 3.7C was exactly average.

Wednesday started with glorious sunshine, if a trifle muted by thin high cloud, but by 07.15 the rising sun in the sky lost its battle with a cloud bank edging in from the east. As a result the temperature at 08.00 had recovered to only 6.2C, the coolest start to a day at that time since the 11th.

April 2022 is turning out to be a very dry month with rainfall only 16.6mm (29% of average) and the loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation now totalling 55mm.

The centre of the anticyclone is edging close and as a result the strength of the wind has been slowly dropping over recent days with peaks of 30mph, 24mph, 20mph and 17mph over the last four days. The pressure reading at 08.00 was 1027.7mb, the highest since the 16th.

Settled weather but still cool

Monday brought more sunshine again but the brisk wind from the northeast persisted that meant another cool day with the thermometer not rising above 15.1C, however this was 1C above the 38-year average.

It was not a totally dry day as a very, very small shower passed overhead at 16.15 that produced a few rain drops, the quantity being so small it was not measurable so recorded as a trace.

With a clearing overnight sky and the wind dropping out it was not surprising to find that the thermometer had dropped to 3.3C at 03.54 onTuesday, which was 0.4C new the average.

Tuesday broke gloriously with the sun shining strongly after it had risen above the horizon, th e temperature having recovered to 6.4C at 08.00.

The centre of the anticyclone is edging closer so the pressure is rising, which is likely to mean that the wind will reduce in strength. The pressure at 08.00 was 1022.2mb up almost 20mb since Saturday.