Warmer by night than day!

Monday began with the thermometer at 08.00 reading -1.6C and very slowly rose above freezing. However, by 1830, warmer air began to percolate across the area and a temperature of 3.0C was recorded. During the night the thermometer slowly rose to a maximum of 9.4C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

It was another dry day, the nineteenth this month with the monthly rainfall total standing at 16.9mm when the average is 91.7mm.

Tuesday arrived very dull with thick cloud cover and very calm conditions.

Rain, snow and frost, all in twenty-four hours

Sunday gave us 3.8 hours of sunshine in the morning before increasing cloud after midday blocked the sun. The thermometer struggled to get abjev4.1C being 6C below the 37-year average.

Light rain was observed falling at 16.40 and a further belt of precipitation at 18.30 produced sleet then wet snow.

The temperature hovered around zero until just before midnight then fell away to a minimum of -1.8C just before dawn on Monday being 5.6C below the average.

Monday brought weak sunshine through thin high cloud after dawn with wind conditions calm. The barometric pressure has begun to recover after the extreme low on Saturday as a temporary ridge builds over the UK with a reading of 1016.1mb at 0800.

Snow in November – not even winter yet!

The early snow at 07.25 on Saturday was followed by a more prolonged and heavy snowfall between 09.30 and 10.40. Although there was a covering of snow on the ground it slowly melted as it fell and shortly after the snow ceased falling it had all disappeared. The precipitation of 2.1mm brought the monthly total to 15.8mm when the 37-year average is 91.7m.

The very cold blast of Arctic air on the strong northerly wind gusting to 38mph, down from the earlier 43mph, meant a very cold day. The thermometer did not rise above 3.7C being a significant 6.1C below the 37-year average and more importantly, there was wind chill that meant outside it felt more like -2C.

The wind began to abate just after midnight and by Sunday morning and fallen light.

The thermometer hovered just above freezing before midnight but then fell away to reach a minim of -1.6C just after dawn on Sunday, which was 5.4C below the average and produced a sharp air frost.

Sunday arrived with mostly clear skies and weak sunshine after 08.20. The barometric pressure has been rising since Saturday afternoon as the deep depression eased away in a southeasterly direction, towards the continent.

Storm Arwen strikes!

Friday was a calm day with the thermometer rising to 9.6C, which was only 0.5C below the average and the warmest day since the 20th.

During the late evening the effect of Storm Arwen, travelling down the east coast, began to be felt with the wind beginning to rise after midnight peaking at 42mph at 06.17 on Saturday. Sleet was observed in the modest but brief rain at 13.25. Sporadic rain arrived just after 01.00 and brought 4.8mm of precipitation with snow observed, briefly, at 07.40. The monthly rainfall has risen to 13.7mm when the 37-year average is 91.7mm.

Thick cloud greeted the dawn of Saturday with the lowest barometric pressure since 31st October, a pressure of 986.2mb was recorded at 01.03, it has since recovered to 994.9mb at 08.00. The wind strength has begun to slowly fall in strength with a gust of 35mph at 08.15.

Update at 13.30
Wind still strong with gusts to 33mph. Snow from 09.30 to 10.40. Residual warmth in ground meant soon melted away. Current temperature of 3.4C feels more like -1C outside due to significant wind chill.

Cooler still on Thursday but worse to come

Under the influence of the brisk northerly wind on Thursday the thermometer struggled to reach 6.4C, the coldest day since 6th March being 3.7C below the 37-year average.

It was another dry day but a significant change in wind direction occurred just after 16.30 when the wind backed from the north into the west and then southwest.

The minimum temperature of 0.5C occurred at 21.05, following which the thermometer slowly rose to 6.3C at 08.00 on Friday

Friday dawned with thick cloud cover and the first spots of rain observed at 07.10 but an insignificant amount and not measurable.

A cold front is approaching and due to reach this area around noon so the wind will then veer back into the north and give us a much colder couple of days.