No change – cloudy conditions persist

Monday was almost a repeat of previous days with thick cloud for most of the day. There was a little brief brightness around midday.

The maximum of 16.6C was the lowest since 25th May and the second coolest August day that I have recorded since 1984 when the station started, being 4.5C below the 37-year average. A low of 12.5C was set on 18th August 2011.

At least the cloud cover prevented a cold night as the the thermometer did not drop below 12.4C, which was 0.7C above average.

Tuesday was repeat of previous mornings, being greeted by thick cloud and the nagging northeasterly breeze still making it feel cool.

More cloud and gloom

Sunday was predominantly cloudy with brief brighter intervals as the north-northeast wind continued to bring cloud from the North Sea. The thermometer struggled to reach 17.6C being 3.5C below average.

The cloud meant a milder night than previously with a low 12.7C, which was 1C above average.

Monday arrived with the thick cloud and gloomy conditions still prevailing in the northeasterly breeze.

Sun at sunrise!

There was little change in our weather on Saturday with variable cloud and 6.5 hours of sunshine. The north-northeast breeze persisted that combined with less sunshine than of late meant the thermometer only climbed to 20.2C being almost 1C below average. However, it was 3C up on the miserable high of Friday. It was the seventh consecutive dry day with UV reaching the High level.

It was a cold night as the thermometer kept falling to a minimum of 5.3C. It was the coldest night since 23rd June being a substantial 6.4C below average and 4C below the cool minimum on Friday.

Sun was observed at sunrise and much enjoyed after recent cloudy starts to a number of days. Sadly, cloud obscured the sun just after 0800. It was the coldest start to a day at that time since 22nd June.

The anticyclone is till resident, just off the northwest cast of Scotland, which is a blocking high and stopping weather fronts and depressions arriving from the Atlantic.

Settled weather continues

Friday was dull and cool with thick cloud all day until a brief burst of sunshine came thorough early evening, but far too short. As a result of the northeasterly breeze and lack of sunshine the thermometer did not rise above 16.9C, which was 4.2C below average and the coolest day 29th June.

A cool night followed, not as cool the previous night but the minimum of 9.3C was 2.4C below average.

Saturday dawned with thick, low cloud covering the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest limiting visibility to around 1800m for the first hour after dawn. By 0730 the visibility had improved with the mist having dispersed.

Pressure remains high so a dry day is likely. However, the low cloud that had drifted in again overnight might be stubborn to disperse, as yesterday.

Sunniest day this month then coldest night for two months

We enjoyed 9.4 hours of sunshine on Thursday but the brisk northeasterly breeze pegged back the maximum temperature to a peak of 20.6C, which was 0.5C below average. The anticyclone was still in charge so another dry day, the fifth consecutive, with UV up to a High level. The monthly rainfall still stands at 64.2mm when the average is 66.9mm.

The thermometer fell steadily downwards last night to reach a minimum of just 6.9C. This was 4.1C below the 37-year average and the coldest night since 23rd June.

The temperature at 0800 on Friday was 11.3C. the coldest start to a day at that time since 22nd June. There was total cloud after dawn but just after 0800 the first glimpse of brightness appeared. The anticyclone is still influencing our weather with a cool breeze from the north-northeast and continuing dry.