A little sun to give us a treat after many dismal days

Most of Tuesday was dull and overcast but late afternoon the sun did put in an appearance for 1.4 hours. This lifted the temperature a little higher to 17.6C, but still 2.6C below average. However, it was a dry day but the UV level was only moderate in the late sunshine.

It was a cool night with a minimum of 8.3C at 05.30 on Wednesday. However, early morning weak sunshine, through the misty conditions, lifted the temperature to 13.3C at 08.00. Sadly the sun disappeared just before 07.30 as cloud once again drifted across on a northeasterly light breeze.

The depression is very slowly easing eastward today with the barometric pressure beginning to rise as an anticyclone edges in from the northwest.

Dull, cool, damp and depressing

The depression over northern France continued to plague the area on Monday with total cloud cover, the sixth sunless day this month, with a cool northeasterly breeze. The thermometer struggled to reach 16.7C, which was 3.5C below average with light drizzle during the first part of the morning that amounted to 0.3mm.

Rainfall for June now totals 46.4mm when the average is 54.4mm. However, evaporation from the ground and plant life now amounts to 80mm of equivalent rainfall.

The past night was again mild due to the thick, low cloud with a minimum of 13.0C being 2.9C above the average.

Tuesday brought no change in the weather as the depression is still centred over Northern France and throwing cloud and weather fronts across southern England on a northeasterly breeze.

Wettest twenty-four hours in six weeks

The early drizzle on Sunday was not measurable but the thick, low, cloud hung around all day thanks to the small, but active depression over northern France. Rain began to fall, light at first in the early evening, then intensified late evening as the depression threw a weather front across the area that persisted most of the night producing 16.1mm of rainfall. This was the wettest twenty-four hour period since 7th May (16.5mm) and brought the monthly rainfall total to 46.1mm being 8mm below the 37-year average. The wind was brisk from the northeast gusting to 22mph.

Monday arrived with the depression remaining over northern France with drizzle and light rain still falling.

Due to the cloud the thermometer only reached 17.2C on Sunday being 3C below average but conversely it was an above average minimum of 13.6C (+3.5C).

Sunshine raised temperatures again before more weather fronts arrive

During 10.7 hours of sunshine on Saturday the thermometer rose to 21.3C being 1.1C above average in light winds from the east, maximum gust of 11mph.

A modest depression to the south of the UK has started to throw up weather fronts across the country that saw drizzle between 0610 and 0700 on Sunday morning under low, thick cloud, the wind having backed closer to north and strengthened with a gust to 22mph. It was a mild night thanks to the cloud with a minimum of 12.9C being 2.8C above the average.

Westerly breeze meant a cooler day

On Friday although we had 7.7 hours of sunshine the brisk breeze from the west meant a cooler day with a maximum of 19.6C being 0.6C below average. However, it was a dry day and in the sunshine the UV level rose to Very High again.

A very cool night followed with the thermometer sinking to 7.9C at 01.33 on Saturday morning being 1.2C below average but by 0800 the temperature had recover to 14.4C.

Saturday brought brief sunny intervals although there was much cloud, the wind having changed direction coming from the east or northeast.