June temperatures in March!

The thermometer soared to a peak of 22.1C at 15.50 on Tuesday that was a significant 11.5C above the 37-year average and according to records the hottest March day since 1968. My previous record for March, since the stone was started in 1984, was a maximum of 20.1C on 28th March 2012. The sunshine in the morning was hazy due to thin high cloud but ended the day with 8.8 hours of string sunshine logged.

With the air streaming towards us on a southerly air movement all the way from North Africa and Iberia it was not surprising to find, after an exceptionally warm day, to find a warm night followed. The minimum reached was 8.8c, which was 6.4C above the average and the warmest night this month.

Although a red globe was spotted rising above the horizon at dawn on Wednesday it soon disappeared behind high cloud obscuring the sun as on Tuesday. The thermometer at 08.00 had risen to 9.9C

Continental air arrives!

The flow of Continental air on a light southerly breeze saw the thermometer steadily rose to a maximum of 18.3C on Monday, which was the warmest day since 22nd September and was 7.8C above the average. The UV level rose to a. peak of 4.1, which was the strongest since 18th September and at the top end of ‘Moderate’. The sun was reluctant to appear until early afternoon due to cloud cover but logged 4.1 hours by close down.

Overnight, not surprisingly due to clear skies, the thermometer steadily fell away to reach a minimum of 0.8C at 05.58 on Tuesday morning producing short lived ground frost and 1.6C below the average for March.

Tuesday’s arrival saw glorious sunshine immediately after sunrise that lifted the thermometer to 4.9C at 08.00.

Getting warmer!

Sunday saw the thermometer ease upwards to reach 11.9C being 1.4C above average in the brisk southwesterly wind, gusting to 28mph on one occasion. Sunshine was limited to just 0.3 hours and UV back to ‘Low’.

It has been a dry twenty-four hours with the monthly total of 36.6mm 24mm below the 37-year March average.

The past night was the mildest this March with the thermometer not dropping below 8.4C being 6C above average.

Monday arrived with continuous cloud but with a high base. The southwesterly wind continues to bring very mild air from far south with the thermometer reading 9C at 08.00.

Warmth returns on south westerlies

Saturday brought us 6.3 hours of sunshine that combined with mild southwesterly winds raised the temperature to a peak of 11.6C being 1.1C above average. The UV level rose to a peak of 3.9, which was at the high end of ‘Moderate’ and the strongest UV since 22nd September.

There was a very light shower just after 05.30 on Sunday morning that brought the monthly total to 36.6mm. This total is 24mm below the 37-year average and with no rain in the forecast for the remainder of the month it is likely to be the driest March since 2015.

The past night has been very mild, the thermometer not dropping below,8.0C, which was 5.5C above the 37-year average.

Sunday arrived with thick cloud obscuring any chance of seeing the sun. The mild south-southwesterly wind is continuing as the result of the old high pressure now centred over Spain and a depression to the northwest of the UK.

Sunshine & showers & sleet overnight

Due to the northwesterly breeze, a cool direction and gusting to 28mph, the thermometer struggled to reach 10.7C on Friday at 09.00. Thereafter the thermometer fell away a couple of degrees. This was almost exactly average and the coldest day for a week.

Showers occurred erratically during the past twenty-four hours amounting ti 8.3mm but rainfall was particularly heavy at 22.20. During the squall the thermometer dropped for 4.1C to 1.6C

The thermometer dropped to 1.1C by 04.46 on Saturday morning. However, there must have been sleet showers during darkness as by early morning no evidence was found on the ground, which had residual warmth, but glass roofs without heat, sun as my greenhouse, were covered with a thick layer of sleet.

Glorious sunshine was in evidence on Saturday after dawn that lifted the thermometer to 5.8C by 08.00.