Temperature soared on Thursday

Thursday saw the thermometer steadily climb to a maximum of 26.8C at 16.12 making it the hottest day since 25th June and 4C above the average. This was thanks to the wind backing into the south and bringing hot but less clear Continental Air.

A mild night followed with the minimum of 12.8C (+1C) occurring very early in the morning at 02.04.

Friday saw an orange/red orb rising above the horizon at dawn and the thermometer soaring to 19.9C at 08.00. This was the warmest start to the day at this time since 26th June.

The temporary ridge of high pressure has already declined significantly, having lost 10mb of pressure since its peak, and indicating that another change in the weather is approaching.

Update at 20.30 on Friday: temperature maximum of 32.9C reached at 14.45 before cloud began to filter across the sky.

Sun and lots of it on Wednesday

Under the influence of the high pressure the sun returned in strength on Wednesday logging 11.2 hours. As a result the thermometer rose to 21.2C but this was still 1.6C below average, the 22nd this month.

The UV level was again Very High for almost two hours either side of midday.

Under clear skies overnight the thermometer dropped down to 10.3C, which was 1.6C below average.

Thursday dawned with thin cloud initially reducing the strength of the sun. However, it was sufficient to evaporate the radiation fog that had formed in the River Og valley by 07.30.

Update at 20.00 on Thursday: temperature soared to a maximum of 26.8C at 16.12.

Very cool night under clearing skies

The westerly breeze on Tuesday meant a cooler day with the thermometer peak 4C below the average with a maximum of 18.8C, the coolest day in two weeks.In the early evening the wind veered into the northwest.

Under clear skies and the air mass coming from the northwest it was not surprising to find we had a cool night with the thermometer sinking to 6.0C at 04.32 on Wednesday morning.

The sun was up bright and early on Wednesday, sometimes muted due to aircraft condensation trails that have been much more in evidence than earlier this year.

The ridge of high pressure saw the barometer rise to 1020.2mb at 08.00 on Wednesday, the highest pressure for two weeks.

The rainfall total now stands at 56.6mm being 3.1mm below the 36-year average. However, even though we have endured a number of wet days the evaporation total for July exceeds the rainfall by 23mm with a total of 79mm.

Rain, rain and more rain on Monday

Monday was a miserable day with frequent showers, some heavy, and minimal sunshine just 1.95 hours. As a result the temperature by day was again depressed with a peak of 19.7C, which was 3.C below average and exactly the same as Sunday.

The wind came from the southwest for much of the day but veered into the west just before 17.00 after what was a gusty day with a peak speed of 27mph, the second strongest gust in July.

The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 5.9mm bringing the monthly total to 56.6mm, still 3mm below the 36-year average.

The past night was much cooler with the thermometer sinking to 11.3C being 0.6C below average.

Tuesday was initially quite cloudy but at the time readings were taken, 08.00, the sun was beginning to make brief appearances.

Sunshine and showers

The unsettled weather continued on Sunday with frequent showers and sunny intervals. The limited sunshine totalled 5.9 hours, combined with periods of thick cloud and rain meant a cooler day when the thermometer did not rise above 19.7C being 3.1C below average. We have only enjoyed seven days in July when the daily maximum rose above average.

Once again the thick cloud overnight meant a duvet of cloud stopped much warmth escaping into the atmosphere producing a very mild night with a minimum of 14.4C, being 2.5C above average.

The next, extensive rain band arrived in the early hours of Monday with heavy bursts of rain starting just after 04.30 that by 08.00 had brought the daily total to 6.9mm and the monthly total to 50.7mm, still 9mm below the July average.

A clap of thunder greeted the stillness at 07.25 on Monday as yet another wave of heavy rain crossed the area. The wind had mace a subtle shift in direction in the early hours from southwest to south.