Humidity very low

The sunshine hours on Saturday were exactly the same as Friday with 13.02 hours. During the afternoon the humidity dropped to just 33%. The air and ground are now very dry from the record number of hours of sunshine and drying easterly winds.

Around mid-day the UV level climbed from ‘High’ to ‘Very High’ for an hour.

The thermometer steadily rose to 24.4C being 7.4C above average with the overnight minimum no lower than 9.9C, which was 3C above the average and up 3C on the previous night’s minimum.

Sunday, as on numerous previous mornings, the sun was shining strongly as it rose above the horizon. The easterly breeze, that has been with us for several days, continues. The humidity at 08.00 was just 70%, the lowest it has been since July 9th 2019.

Sunniest day this month on Friday

There was wall to wall sunshine on Friday totalling 13.02 hours, that combined with a slight change in wind direction from north east to east, lifted the temperature to 23.7C being 7.6C above average.

The warm, dry air saw humidity drop significantly to 33% in the mid-afternoon. As a result evaporation is now running at the equivalent loss of rainfall of 5mm a day. The evaporation for the May to date is now 114mm.

A cool night followed with the thermometer sinking to 6.9C just after dawn.

Saturday, as on several recent days, saw sunshine as the sun rose above the horizon lifting the temperature to 14.3C at 08.00. The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm at this time read 18.8C.

Cooler north easterly returns

The brisk wind from thE north east took the edge off the temperature being 2C down on the Wednesday peak with a maximum of 22.4C but still 5.3C above the average.

The dry spell continues, 25 in May in total, as the anticyclone continues to dominate our weather.

The overnight minimum was also 2C below the previous night’s low with a minimum of 8.7C, being 1.7C above average.

The high pressure is easing away towards Scandinavia with the pressure easing down with a current treading of 1027.8mb allowing the wind to veer a few degrees today coming from south of east on Friday. However, the sun was up bright and early, as on many previous days, lifting the temperature to 14.0C at 08.00.

Anticyclone still in control!

The rainfall total for May still stands at 8.2mm. It is not the driest May that I have recorded since the station started in 1984 as in May 1990 I recorded just 6.7mm of rainfall. The media have highlighted the dry Spring. The rainfall in Marlborough for Spring 2020, that’s the complete months of March to May, currently totals 84.8mm whereas the driest Spring since 1984 in Marlborough occurred in 2011 with 65mm. The evaporation from the ground and plant life is now equivalent to 104mm of rainfall.

The thermometer rose to 24.9C on Wednesday, exactly the same as on Tuesday, being 7.8C above average. Overnight the thermometer slowly fell away to reach a minimum at 05.05 Thursday of 10.7C, which was 3.7C above average.

Thursday saw hazy sunshine to start the day through thin high cloud.

As the anticyclone migrated from being to the northwest of the UK to now be centered over the North Sea the wind has veered into the northeast.

Heat increases!

Tuesday gave us another sunny day with 10.2 hours of strong sunshine that boosted the temperature to 24.9C at 16.30.

We have now experienced 23 days without measurable rainfall in May with just 8.2mm recorded. The equivalent rainfall lost to the atmosphere from evaporation from the ground and plant life has reached 100mm.

The past night was very mild with the thermometer not falling below 11.0C, which was 4C above average.

Wednesday saw hazy sunshine to start the day but by 08.00 the sun was shining strongly but through thin high cloud, this lifted the thermometer to 16.1C at 08.00 giving us the warmest start to the day since 27th August. The ground is now retaining much warmth overnight so that by 08.00 on Wednesday the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm read 19.7C.