Sunniest day in three months but heavy rain overnight

A short lived ridge of high pressure meant a dry day on Wednesday with 5.5 hours of sunshine, the sunniest day since 18th November. This did allow the thermometer to creep above the average maximum with a peak of 8.1C (+0.6C) at 12.41 but increasing cloud around noon meant the afternoon gave us short periods of sun.

During the night the next weather front crossed the area with winds gusting to 36mph. Rain arrived just after midnight with an intense squall between 03.45 and 04.15 with rain falling, briefly, at the rate of 70mm/hour, amounting to 12.1mm. This made it the wettest day in February and brought the monthly total to 40.8mm, which is 63% of the 35-year average.

Thursday saw the continuation of thick cloud and more showers with the occasional break allowing a little brightness to show through. After a minimum of 4.4C (+3.1C), the thermometer read 5.3C at 08.00.