Sunniest day in a month but ice pellets fell mid-morning

Tuesday was a day of squally showers and strong sunshine. The 4.7 hours of sun was not sufficient to generate much warmth in the strong westerly wind gusting to a peak of 38mph.

Just after 10.00 a brief shower of ice pellets was observed and late afternoon a brief shower of light hail was seen amounting to 0.2mm.

The UV of 1.2 was the highest since November 4th.

The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 6.7C at 11.29 before thicker intermittent cloud arrived, which was 0.8C below average. Overnight, under a clear sky, the thermometer steadily dropped away to a minimum of 1.8C at 06.42 Wednesday morning.

Dawn on Wednesday was bright with continuous strong sunshine as soon as the sun eased above the horizon at 07.38.