Polar air mass makes itself felt

Although Storm Ciara had moved off to Scandinavia the after effects of the low pressure were still felt on Monday as the winds were very stormy with a maximum gust of 42mph at 17.30.

There were frequent squally showers in the past twenty-four hours that amounted to 6.3mm bringing the monthly total to 28.5mm when the 35-year average is 64.9mm. The modest rain totals resulting from Storm Ciara are far less than has been recorded in many other areas, which also applies the extreme wind speeds. Once again the local area has got off lightly, fortunate.

Tuesday arrive with the winds having moderated somewhat, but still strong, producing a wind chill as the polar air all the way from Greenland mes itself felt.

The thermometer struggled to a maximum of 7.4C on Monday, the first below average maximum this month (-0.1C) and down almost 5C on the Sunday maximum. The minimum of 2.9C was recorded at 07.36 (+1.6C) Tuesday morning.