Wettest day in four months

The rain for the past twenty-four hours has been almost continuous, light drizzle and mist during the mid-afternoon. The total rainfall was 23.4mm, which made it the wettest day since 13th October (28.7mm) and brought the monthly total to 146.1mm, which is 225% of the 35-year average.

The southerly wind also brought mild weather with the thermometer peaking at 10.6C, being 3.C above the average but that was held until just after 01.15 Saturday morning when the thermometer slowly fell away to read 4.8C at 08.00 Saturday.

Saturday saw the main rain ceasing just before 08.00 with a hang back of low, thick cloud from the extensive weather front moving off to the east. However, at 08.35 another shower drifted in from the west.

Sunny day on Thursday and almost dry!

Thursday started with wet snow from 06.30 to 09.00. As the weather front eased eastwards the sky began to brighten followed by 4.4 hours of sunshine.

The strong northerly wind depressed temperatures with a maximum of 7.3C, just below the average (-0.2C). There was brief shower amounting to 0.5mm.

With initially clear skies overnight the thermometer dropped away to -0.1C at 01.05 Friday morning producing an air and ground frost for a period. However, advancing cloud from yet another weather front began to encroach halting any further drop in temperature so that by 08.00 on Friday the temperature had recovered to 3.3C.

The first drops of rain from an extensive weather front began to fall at 06.30 on Friday and then intensified at 07.15. The wind backed overnight from north to south and dropped in strength.

Sun returns by day but snow overnight

Wednesday was a much improved day with 4.6 hours of sunshine and dry during daylight hours. However, the brisk wind, bringing Polar Maritime air on a brisk westerly breeze, meant the maximum of 7.4C was just below the average (-0.1C).

Rain arrived on the next weather front just after 01.45 Thursday morning, which turned to wet snow at 06.30 as the thermometer had dropped to 1.2C then 0.6C at 07.45. The wind had briefly veered into the north.

The snow continued until 09.00 when it began to peter out as the weather front eased away to the east. There was a light dusting of snow on soft surfaces but hard surfaces stayed clear.

The total precipitation for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 6.8mm bringing the February total to 122.2mm, which makes this the third wettest February since my records bean in 1984.

Polar Maritime air brought coldest this month

The Polar Maritime air brought on the westerly wind on Tuesday, gusting to 24mph, meant a cold day. In fact it was the coldest day since 28th January with a maximum of only 6.4C with wind chill making it feel more like 4C at times. This was 1.1C below the 35-year average, down over 4C on the Monday peak and only the third below average maximum this month.

There were a couple of brief showers amounting to 1.7mm bringing the monthly total to 115.4mm when the 35-year average is 64.9m.

The colder air and breaks in the cloud overnight gave us the coldest night in three weeks with the thermometer falling to 0.7C at 03.56 early on Wednesday morning, which was 0.6C below average and producing a ground frost.

Wednesday after dawn saw intermittent sunshine between broken cloud as the brisk wind veered a little, now from the west north west.

Another wet, gloomy and windy day on Monday

More rain, no sun and winds gusting to 30mph, the unsettled weather continues.

Another 4.3mm of rainfall fell in the past twenty-four hours bringing the monthly total to 113.7mm, which is 48mm above the 35-year average. It was another in the succession of very mild days although 2C down on the warm Sunday maximum the peak of 10.8C was 3.3C above the average. Likewise overnight cloud cover saw the thermometer fall no lower than 3.7C, which was 2.4C above the average.

After initial cloud on the eastern horizon had cleared om Tuesday morning the sun shone brightly, the first sunny morning in three weeks.

Update on Tuesday at 08.45: alas the cloud returned and the sun disappeared at 08.40. It was a lovely start to the day whilst it lasted!

Update on Tuesday at 18.50: Polar Maritime Air restricts temperature to 6.4C maximum making this the coldest day in February with brief sleet shower at 16.30.