Storm Brendan brings heavy rain and strong winds

Monday saw the result of Storm Brandon, centred to the north west of Scotland, bringing a windy and cloudy day after initial brightness. The wind increased during the afternoon with a maximum gust of 38mph at 16.01.

A wide rain band arrived late afternoon with a significant squall line at 19.00, lasting around 15 minutes, when heavy rain was falling briefly at 44mm/hour. The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 11.6mm bringing the monthly total to 43.1mm.

As the back edge of the rain band eased away eastwards the temperature dropped by almost 4C and the wind abated.

The air mass, brought on a southerly wind from around the Azores, meant another very mild day and night with a maximum of 9.8C, which was 2.8C above the 35-year average and a minimum of 5.8C being a significant 4.7C above the average.

Tuesday at dawn saw thin cloud rapidly thicken as the next weather front approached front the south west.

Update on Tuesday at 14.50: wind now gusting to 42mph at 14.44 as next storm approaches with warm southerly wind lifting temperature to 12.5C currently, which is 5.5C above average.

Update at 18.35: although the peak gust of 42mph has not been exceeded since 14.44 the wind has continued very strong with the 10 minute average wind strength now reaching 13mph. There is currently a windchill that makes it feel more like 9C than actually 12.2C.