A little sun and a little rain

Sunday gave us a bright morning with 1.8 hours of welcome sunshine but just after noon thick clouds rolled in from the south west obliterating the sun. The sunshine and the air mass from mid-Atlantic meant another mild day with a maximum of 9.6C (+2.6C).

Rain showers occurred overnight amounting to 1.6mm. The disturbed weather continues with only two totally dry days in January so far.

Another cloudy night meant now frosts occurred although it did get chilly with a minimum of 4.4C late evening.

Monday initially saw a little brightness but soon after dawn the cloud began to thicken with a light rain shower at 08.00 and the thermometer having lifted a little to read 6.1C.

Update on Monday at 16.02: The early effects of Storm Brandon being felt as barometric pressure has been dropping rapidly all day, currently 997.1mb, resulting in wind strength rising all day and a current maximum gust of 38mph at 16.01. Occasional drizzle showers after noon but main rain band arrived just before 15.30.