46mph gust – that was windy!

Although Saturday was bright no sunshine was recorded although the UV level at 0.7 was the highest since the beginning of December.

It was a windy day with strong gusts throughout the east twenty-fur hours with the strongest gust of 46mph recorded at 14.08 Saturday afternoon and another almost as strong measuring 39mph at 17.47 Saturday evening.

The air mass brought to us on a southerly wind from the Azores meant anther warm day with a maximum of 10.3C, which was 3.3C above the average. This was maintained at about that level during the evening and night but as the clouds moved away on Sunday morning the thermometer began to fall a little under the clearing skies to read 8.9C at 08.00.

There was a little rain around midnight but an intense, short shower just before 06.00 on Sunday morning saw rain falling briefly at the rate of 60mm/hour. The rainfall for the east twenty-four hours amounted to 4.0mm bringing the monthly total to 29.9mm when the 35-year January average is 90.4mm.

Sunday at dawn saw the heavy black clouds rolling away to the east being replaced by broken cloud.