Sunshine after mist and fog

The sun broke through on Monday morning after the mist and fog had slowly lifted to give us 4.8 hours of sunshine. The fog returned for a while in the evening. This welcome sunshine lifted the temperature to 10.1C at 13.54, which was 2.0C above the average.

The mist and fog returned during the evening along with thick cloud that greeted Tuesday after a minimum of 2.9C at 03.34 that had recovered to 5.2C at 08.00 Tuesday.

The wind has made a significant change in direction from predominantly southerly during the past three days to north east Tuesday morning.

We have now had three successive dry days and while the high pressure is maintained the last day of December looks to be dry. Therefore, the monthly rainfall total stands at 130.5mm, which is 40mm above the 35-year average.

Glimmer of sunshine – but very brief

Sunday was another dull and gloomy day although in the early afternoon the cloud began to thin and the briefest of brightness triggered the sunshine recorder for a minute.

It was the second consecutive dry day thanks to the influence if the high pressure centred over Scandinavia but now beginning to ease away with the wind a little stronger.

The maximum of 7.4C failed to reach the average (-0.6C) whereas the overnight minimum of 4.8C, due the the cloud cover, was 2.6C above the 35-year average.

Monday at dawn saw total cloud cover but varying in its thickness.

Only sixth dry day this month on Saturday

Saturday was still cloudy, sunless and with no UV registered but it was dry after 18 successive days with rain.

Both maximum of 8.8C (+0.8C) ad minima of 6.4C (+4.2C) were above average due to an air mass originating from the continent.

Sunday started with complete cloud cover although the air mass was a little drier at 94% when for much of the month it has been between 97% and 98%. The wind has also strengthened a little, maximum of 17mph, after the very calm day on Friday.

Barometric pressure continues to be high so rain unlikely today.

Barometric pressure highest in three months

The very still conditions on Friday were due to the highest barometric pressure since 14th September at 1035.2mb. As a consequence there was little movement of air, maximum gust of just 9mph, but periods when no movement of air was measurable on either anemometer. The anticyclone is centred over southern Scandinavia at 1042mb.

There was just a little more rainfall of 0.9mm from the thick cloud that persisted throughout the twenty-four hours giving murky conditions that lifted a little around noon.

The air originating well down in the Atlantic in the region of Iberia, was relatively mild and moist with a maximum of 7.2C by day and not dipping below around 8C overnight.

Saturday arrived with similar conditions although the cloud base was a little higher.

Rain and gloom return

After the very sunny day on Wednesday the thick cloud and rain returned without even a glimpse of the sun.

Another 3.6mm of rainfall was recorded bringing the monthly total to 129.6mm, which is 39mm above the 35-year average.

Not surprisingly, given the cloudy conditions at this time of year the maximum of 8.8C was 0.8C above average and the minimum of 5.1C was 2.9C above the average.

Friday saw a continuation of the cloudy conditions with the cloud base so low it masked the tops of the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest. However the strong winds of Thursday, gusting to 28mph, have fallen light.