Three consecutive dry day – but it won’t last!

Wednesday was a gloomy day with minimal solar energy but it was dry day, the third consecutive dry day.The brisk wind, gusting to 24mph in the late morning, meant the temperatures were depressed again with a maximum of only 7.2C being 2.9C below average.

The stronger wind produced a wind chill that meant it felt a couple of degrees colder than indicated on the thermometer.

Cloud cover overnight, ahead of the next weather front approaching from the Atlantic, meat no frost but with a minimum of only 2.7C was still 1.1C below average.

Thursday saw thick cloud cover at dawn as the next rain band edged closer. The significant change was that the wind had backed a few degrees and then coming from the east. With a temperature of 3.9C at 08.00 the wind chill meant it felt more like 1.4C.