A brief respite on Sunday before overnight rain again

After the clearance of overnight cloud on Sunday morning the sun came out and the wind abated when we enjoyed 3.6 hours of sunshine.

During the late afternoon the thermometer fell to its lowest point, usually the highest during daylight hours, with a reading of 3.0C at 18.02 before beginning to rise again as more cloud drifted in from yet another rain band.

During the early hours the temperature rose again to around 7C with strong winds and a squall at 04.14 Monday morning when the wind gusted to 26mph as the barometric pressure reached a minimum and thence began to climb again.

The overnight rain amounted to 4.2mm bringing the monthly total to 58.5mm. This followed the wettest day in November on Saturday with 21.8mm. Currently this is the fifth wettest Autumn I have recorded since the station was set up in 1984, but there are still 20 days to go in November!