Coldest day in seven months on Saturday

After a dry start to Saturday the next rain band arrived with the first spots of rain falling at 10.55. This extensive rain band, extending from the Outer Hebrides to Northern France was over 120 miles wide. Thereafter the rain fell steadily and continuously for almost seven hours with occasional showers overnight. The rainfall total for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 21.8mm, which brought the November total to 57.3mm.

Saturday was a cold day due to the brisk wind that started from the southeast in the morning and in the late afternoon backed 180* into the northwest. The maximum temperature was just 5.7C, which was 4.4C below the 35-year average and the coldest day since 4th April.

Overnight the temperature was stable around 5C. As the low pressure system, having been reluctant to leave our shores, migrated into the English Channel on Sunday morning the wind veered back into the Northeast and freshened giving a wind chill so that at dawn it felt more like 3C than 5C. Thankfully the rain had stopped.