Coldest night in seven months

After so many very wet days it was a relief to have a day with sunshine on Thursday totalling 4.9 hours. Although there was a breeze from the south west, a warmer direction, the thermometer did not rise above 9.7C, which was 0.4C below average.

Overnight, the sky initially Clea, meant a sharp frost with the thermometer dropping to -2.2C at 03.31 Friday morning. The was the coldest night since April 3rd (-3.2C). At this time the extensive warm front, that had produced very large quantities of rain over the Midlands and North of the country, decided to move in our direction bringing cloud that slowly lifted the temperature.

Friday saw thick cloud from the weather front so that by 08.00 the temperature had recovered above freezing with a reading of 1.3C.