Welcome sunshine on Monday but wind direction changes overnight

Monday saw welcome sunshine in between the cloudy periods, amounting to 2.7 hours. As a result of very light winds from the south south east the thermometer rise above average (+1.5C) with a maximum of 11.6C.

Overnight, as the depression eased away to the near continent, the wind backed into the east and by dawn on Tuesday was coming from the north. There were very strong gusts of wind just after 01.00 with a maximum gust of 21mph.

After falling to a minimum of 7.1C just after 04.00, the thermometer rose to reach 8.3C at 08.00 on Tuesday. Although the air from the north is generally cooler, the strong winds in the early hours meant there was significant wind chill until the wind abated.

Tuesday arrived with thick and complete cloud cover with occasional light drizzle in the light northerly breeze.