Temperatures recover a little – but still below average

The maximum on Sunday was up 1C on the Saturday high but at 17.7C was 0.9C below average. The light air flow from the north tempered the warmth from the 8.5 hours of sunshine.

We had another dry day with rainfall for September minimal at 3.6mm with evaporation now totalling 18mm.

The past night was just above average at 9.6C but significantly,higher than the very low of 0.9C recorded during the early hours of Sunday

Monday dawned with thickening cloud from an approaching weather front as the barometric pressure is at its lowest this month with a current reading of 1012.6mb having fallen for the past 30 hours. The first raindrops were noted at 08.10 from the first rain band that weakened and fragmented as it moved in from the west. The more active front will follow later this morning.