Ground frost – that is cold for early September

Another day on Saturday with below average temperatures due to the northerly air flow called Polar Maritime originating around the Iceland area. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 16.7C at 15.49 being almost 2C below average.

Clear skies overnight saw the thermometer plunge to a minimum of 0.9C at 06.33 Sunday morning giving a ground frost, which was 8.3C below average and unusually cold for early September, thanks again to the northerly air flow.

At 06.37 the first glimpse of the sun could be seen rising over the horizon and since then has been shining strongly lifting the temperature to 5.3C at 08.00. This made it the coldest start to a day since 5th May (2.6C).

The barometric pressure is currently the highest this month at 1025.4mb