Polar Maritime air makes itself felt on Thursday

With wind veering into the north west on Thursday bringing cooler air, meteorologically called Polar Maritime from that direction, it was not surprising that it felt cooler, which was confirmed by a below average maximum of 17.6C (-1.0C) in a brisk wind.

It was another dry day with the UV level again in the ‘High’ category.

The past night was very cool with the thermometer sinking to 7.5C at 01.39 Friday morning, which was 1.7C below average and 3.3C below the Thursday minimum. The advance cloud from a weak weather front then meant the temperature recovered a little to give a temperature of 11.4C at 08.00.

Friday dawned with thick cloud and rain drops just before 06.30 and again just before 08.00, but not sufficient to be measurable, recorded as a ‘trace’.