Cool, brisk westerly air brought cooler day on Wednesday

The wind, having veered from the warmer south westerlies into the west on Wednesday, meant a below average day, just, with a maximum of 18.3C (-0.3C) and the coolest day this month. The wind was strong all day with a peak gust of 23mph.

It was dry day until early evening when a short shower brought 0.2mm of rainfall. The monthly rainfall total currently stands at 2.6mm with evaporation exceeding that with the loss of 10mm of equivalent rainfall.

A mild night followed with the thermometer not falling below 10.8C (+1.6C).

Thursday initially saw weak sunshine through breaks in the cloud in the eastern sky but by 08.00 the sun was shining brightly.

The barometric pressure has been rising for the past twenty-hours so more dry, bright weather is probable.