Strongest wind gust in six weeks

Sunday was a predominantly cloudy day with occasional showers that amounted to another 1.6mm.

The September rainfall total now stands at 101.1mm being 40mm above the 35-year average but far from the wettest I have recorded. There have been six wetter Septembers since 1984 when this station started with the wettest bringing 131.9mm in 2006.

Temperatures by day and night were depressed due to the cloudy skies. The peak daytime temperature was 17.7C, being 0.9C below average and overnight the thermometer dropped to 8.9C (-0.3C).

The notable feature on Sunday was the wind which became very gusty as the low pressure eased away to the east that caused the wind to veer from the south in the early morning to west and late afternoon into the north west. The strongest gust was 31mph at 17.30. This was the strongest gust since 10th August when 38mph was recorded.

Monday arrived initially with a little brightness but thick cloud soon obscured the sun however, the wind has dropped out with barely a movement of the air.

Wettest September in 11 years

Saturday saw a continuation of the disturbed weather with frequent heavy and blustery showers.

Rainfall on Saturday amounted to 23.0mm, which brought the September total to 89.5mm being 146% of the 35-year average and the wettest September since 2008.

The temperature by day was below average with a maximum of 17.2C (-1.4C), not surprising with the almost continuous cloud cover. However, the cloud cover overnight meant another mild night with a minimum 13.0C which was almost 4C above average and making Sunday morning the warmest this month with a temperature of 15.3C at 08.00

More rain, more wind, less sun

There was reduced sunshine on Friday, the wind was stronger and it was cooler. The wind gusted to 29mph, the strongest gust this month. The thermometer struggled to reach 16.9C, being 1.7C blew average due to frequent showers with more since 04.15 today.

The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 4.9mm bringing the September total to 76.5mm being 15mm above the 35-year average.

Due to the cloud cover it was another mild night with a minimum of 11.6C, which was 2.C above average.

Saturday arrived with almost continuous showers from a band moving east to west.

A little sun, a little rain but more wind

Thursday saw sunshine and showers with 5 hours of sunshine that did not raise the maximum above average with a peak of 17.8C (-0.8C).

There were several showers in the afternoon that added 2.0mm to the total for September, now standing at 71.6mm, being 116% of the 35-year average.

The wind from the south west was very gusty on Thursday with a maximum gust of 22mph.

The trend of warm nights continued with a minimum of 11.9C, which was 2.7C above the average.

Friday arrived with bright intervals through variable cloud.

Warmest morning for a month

The disturbed weather continued on Wednesday with 3.4 hours of sunshine and another 2.4mm of rain overnight after a dry day.

The temperature during Wednesday reached just above average at 18.8C with another very mild night to follow with a minimum of 14.4C and the thermometer rising to 15.2C at 08.00 making it the warmest morning since 25th August.

Thursday morning saw rain at dawn but slowly the hang back of cloud from the weather front eased away to the east and thinned allowing brief bright interludes at 08.00