Only fourth dry day this month!

With eight hours of sunshine and no rain on Thursday this was in direct contrast to the very wet Wednesday. As a consequence of the sunshine the temperature was higher at 20.2C but still 0.7C below average moderated by a brisk westerly wind gusting to 22mph.

It was only the fourth dry day this month. The average number of wet days (when rainfall is equal to or above 1mm) in August is ten days when half way through the month we have already experienced eight wet days.

Overnight was cool with a below average temperature of 11.4C (-0.1C).

Friday saw thick cloud ahead of another weather front, with rain imminent.

Update on Friday at 18.45: the past eight hours of rainfall has currently produced 18mm of precipitation with rain still falling. The strong southerly wind saw a peak of 30mph. The temperature has been subdued with a peak of just 16.1C, which was 4.8C below average.