No sun with lots of rain on Wednesday

The thick cloud from a wide weather front dominated the daylight hours on Wednesday that meant a sunless day, the first since 11th June. The rain was continuous for many hours, only letting up during the late afternoon.

Rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 10.4mm that brought the monthly total to 48.4mm with the average at 66.3mm.

It was the coolest day since 13th June with a maximum of just 17.1C being 3.8C below average.

Due to the cloud cover overnight it was a mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 14.0C (+2.5C) at 03.03 Thursday morning.

Thursday arrived with a hang back of thick cloud from the departing weather front. However, as a brief ridge of high pressure began to assert itself the cloud began to break just after 07.30 with much sunshine breaking through subsequently.