Windiest day in four months

The wind strength resulting from the deep depression moving north east over the country meant strong winds in the morning increasing to a maximum of 38mph. Thus was the strongest wind gust since 27th April when a gust of 42mph was recorded. The record gust for this station since it was set up was a gust of 57mph both in January and March 2007.

As the low-pressure, minimum 994.7mb, eased away the wind slowly abated in the afternoon.

It was the coolest day this month with the thermometer not getting above average with a maximum of 20.1C (-0.7C). There were a couple of light showers amounting to 0.6mm.

Overnight the thermometer fell to its lowest at 06.03 Sunday morning with a minimum of 13.2C, which was 1.7C above average.

With the barometric pressure increasing, Sunday morning brought broken cloud with short glimpses of sunshine.