Windiest day in four months

The effect of the deep depression was felt on Friday with frequent showers amounting to 5.0mm but especially the wind. A maximum gust of 33mph was recorded at 16.24 making it the strongest gust since 27th April when 42mph was noted. The peak temperature of 20.9C was exactly average for August and the coolest day this month.

The strong winds continued overnight, being another mild night, with a minimum of 15.7C, which was 4.2C above average.

Initially Saturday started cloudy but just before 08.00 the sun began to break through the variable cloud.

The depression is slowly moving away having locally reached a minimum barometric pressure of 994.7mb at 00.53 Saturday. However, the barometer is now rising rapidly having gained 4mb in the last seven hours but being on the southern flank of the depression the winds are still gusting strongly with a recent gust of 32mph.

Update on Saturday at 16.25: peak gust of 38mph at 13.53. Maximum temperature of 20.1C making it the coolest day this month.