The rain arrived!

Thursday was predominantly dry with 6 hours of sunshine that lifted the thermometer to 22.8C being 2C above average. However, after midday the sky began to show thin cloud spreading in on the breeze, that by then had backed into the south east, ahead of the advancing depression. The first rain arrived just before 21.00 with another heavy shower an hour later. The night was dry until just before 04.30 Friday morning when torrential rain arrived, at times at the rate of 55mm/hr for a short period.

The rain in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 14.6mm, which was the wettest day since 10th June when 25.1mm was recorded. The August rainfall total is now 22.3mm when the average is 66.3mm.

It was a very warm night with the thermometer not falling below 16.6C at 01.45.

Friday saw muted sunshine after dawn as the cloud from the associated rain band eased away. By 08.00 the thermometer read 18.1C, the warmest morning this month.

The centre of the depression that brought the rain, and later today and tomorrow the strong winds, is currently over the south west of Ireland with the barometric pressure currently at 981.1mb.

Update on Friday at 18.00: the wind has been rising for the last four hours with a peak gust of 33mph at 16.24. Frequent light rain showers amounting to 2.8mm. Current barometric pressure lower again at 996.5mb.