A little rain and a little sun

For most of the daylight hours on Monday it was dry with 7.2 hours of sunshine that just after midday lifted the maximum to 22.7C being 1.9C above average. However, spots of rain began to fall just before 19.30 that developed into a light shower for half an hour amounting to 1.1mm from a slow moving, narrow band of cloud moving in a north easterly direction over this area.

Another mild night followed with a minimum 14.6C being 3.1C above average.

Tuesday arrived with much sunshine, between variable cloud, so that by 08.00 the thermometer read 17.3C and the ground temperature, at a depth of 5cm, the warmest this month at that time of 18.3C.

As the depression off the north west of Scotland edges near the barometric pressure is currently reading 1007.8mb, the lowest this month.

Update on Monday at 18.15: reduced sunshine due to increasing cloud in the afternoon limited the temperature to a maximum of 21.9C at 13.20 before very heavy rain arrived 16.30, amounting to 5.5mm, before the sun broke out again early evening.