Very humid with drizzle

Sunday gave us the warmest day of the month as the thermometer rose to 25.4C being 1.5C above average. Around 16.15 ad 17.15 there were a few spots of rain, but not measurable.

The humidity on Sunday afternoon was very high, 63% mid-afternoon when usually nearer 40%, that combined with the very warm air, meant it felt rather uncomfortable.

A very mild was to follow with the thermometer not sinking below 15.2C, 3.7C above average, due to a band of thick cloud over the central part of the UK. This produced low cloud, misty conditions and drizzle on Monday morning, which by 08.00 amounted to just 0.1mm.

The barometric pressure is currently at its lowest in August due to a depression off the west coast of Ireland that is producing the thick cloud.