Another very warm night

Even though we had less sunshine on Tuesday than on previous days, also more cloud, the maximum of 23.5C was exactly the same as on Monday being 0.8C above the 35-year average. With warm nights and the dry land, is acting as a heat reservoir.

It was another dry day, evaporation now totalling 35mm, and the UV again very high.

Following a warm day and cloudy night little warmth was lost into the atmosphere so a minimum of 14.6C was not surprising being 2.8C above average, the warmest night since 25th June and up a degree on Monday.

Wednesday arrived with considerable cloud but by 08.00 the sun was beginning to break through and the temperature had risen to 16.4C.

Update on Wednesday at 15.50: heat builds again with maximum of 25.2C at 15.36, being 2.5C above average and warmest day this month equal to that on July 4th.