Another hot day on Friday

Although the anticyclone had started to weaken, down 6mb, Friday gave us another hot day with a maximum of 25.1C, just 0.1C below the Thursday peak but another above average day being +2.4C.

The UV level not surprisingly reached the very high level again although sunshine hours were reduced compared to previous days due to transient high cloud but 11.6 hours were recorded.

Friday night into Saturday was cooler as clear skies allowed warmth from the ground to radiate into the atmosphere producing a minimum just after dawn (05.10) of 8.8C, which was exactly 3C below the July average.

We were greeted on Saturday morning by strong sunshine that by 08.00 had lifted the thermometer to a reading of 18.9C. However, advancing cloud from the next weather front is advancing from the north and can be seen seen as broken cloud in the northern sky and is expected to reduce sunshine from around mid-morning as it approaches from the north west.