Heat increases

With over 12 hours of strong sunshine and the UV level again into the very high category it was not surprising to find that the thermometer rose to a maximum of 25.2C at 18.43, up 2.8C on the Wednesday peak. There was a peak of 24.9C at 15.33 before it dropped a degree or so but late afternoon strong sunshine boosted the temperature again.

It was another dry day, the ninth in succession.

Thursday night proved to be warm with a minimum of 11.7C being just 0.1C below the 35-year July average and 4.4C above the Thursday minimum.

The sun shone strongly after dawn on Friday, with the occasional dimming as small cloud passed between us, as a result by 08.00 the thermometer had soared to 19.1C.

The barometric pressure has been dropping over the past twenty-four hours so a change in our weather is on the way after four glorious days.

Update on Friday at 17.40: thermometer did not quite reach yesterday’s peak (25.2C) with a maximum of 25.1C at 15.52, still 2.4C above the average. UV level again very high.