Warmth returns on Wednesday

As the anticyclone to the west of the UK became firmly established the temperature on Wednesday rose to a maximum of 22.8C at 16.46, which was just 0.1C above the July average and up 3C on the Tuesday peak.

The wind, having veered into the north east and gusting to 15mph, moderated any increase in temperature.

The UV level again rose into the very high category.

With mainly clear skies overnight the thermometer began a steady fall to reach a minimum of 7.3C at 05.30 being 4.5C below average. The strong sunshine after dawn lifted the temperature to 16.4C at 08.00, Thursday morning.

Update on Thursday at 16.10: temperature up again to a maximum of 24.9C at 15.33, which was 2.2C above the average and 1.9C up on the Wednesday peak.

Update at 19.10: after reaching the peak at 15.33 the temperature dipped a couple of degrees before rising again, as a result of strong early evening sunshine, to provide a maximum of 25.2C at 18.43, being 2.5C above the average.