Anticyclone continues to dominate

Although we had 10.2 hours of sunshine on Tuesday, the brisk wind from the north, gusting to a maximum 17mph, moderated the temperature so that the maximum of 19.8C was down 1.3C on the Monday peak and 2.9C below the 35-year average.

Over the past twenty-four hours the high pressure has continued to build in from the west, centred off the west coast of Ireland, to continue the fine, dry weather. This resulted in another day with the UV level rated ‘very high’ and very high solar radiation.

After a cool night, minimum of 8.0C, which was 3.8C below average, the wind on Wednesday has veered further, now coming from the north east, a cooler direction.

We were greeted on Wednesday morning by sunshine after dawn that lifted the thermometer to 14.6C at 08.00.

Update on Wednesday at 18.20: warmth returns as the thermometer rises to a maximum of 22.8C at 16.47, just 0.1C above average and 3C higher than on Tuesday.