Wettest day for over a year and wind chill in June!

The depression centred over the south east of the UK on Monday, and circulating clockwise, dragged cold air from the north over the country with wind varying between north and north east. The temperature for much of the day was around 11C with the maximum only 12.7C, which was 7.5C below average making it the coldest day for over a month.

The combination of heat across parts of southern and central Europe, combined with low pressure systems approaching the UK from the south, meant initially warm air had absorbed much moisture thus the numerous hours of rain and heavy downpours. The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 25.1mm making it the wettest day since 24th May 2018 when 31.9mm was recorded.

The calendar indicates we are in June but during Monday evening and Tuesday morning the wind was so strong it produced a wind chill that dropped the ambient temperature by between 2C and 3C. Thus at 18.00 on Monday evening the thermometer registered 9.7C but the wind chill meant it felt more like 7.1C.

Another cold night was to follow with a minimum of 8.4C with wind chill making it feel more like 6.1C.

The rain stopped just after 07.40 on Tuesday with a hang back of thick cloud and the wind slowly abating after rising since midnight peaking at 28mph at 06.54, Tuesday, as the depression has moved southwards and is now centred over the Chanel Islands.

Update on Tuesday at 16.14: record low June daytime temperature of only 11.4C, which equalled that previously set on 11th June 2012. It was a significant 8.8C below the 35-year average, however, the strong northeasterly wind produced a wind chill, which meant it felt a degree or two colder at times.