Flaming June – it’s not!

The initial front from Storm Migeul gave us steady rain from 07.00 to until 13.30 on Friday producing 11.1mm. Another three hours, from just before 05.00 to 07.50 Saturday morning, from the back end of the weather front, gave another 5.2mm making a twenty-four hour rainfall total of 16.3mm, the wettest day since 9th May.

On Friday the thermometer hovered around 12C until the afternoon, when the cloud began to thin, producing 2.8 hours of sunshine and a maximum of 17.6C late in the day at 17.05, which was 2.6C below average.

The wind, initially from the north east, veered into the south east as the depression slowly moved northwards circuiting anticlockwise, as low pressure systems do, thus the change in wind directions as the day progressed.

The minimum overnight was 10.0C being 0.1C below average.

Saturday morning arrived with the hang back of cloud and the wind from the south west as Miguel moved off towards Norway.

Update on Saturday at 18.10: forecast strong winds from Storm Miguel were modest today with the peak gust reaching 26mph at 12.15 although moderating over past three hours. A cool day with another below average maximum of 16.2C (-4.0C).