Storm Miguel arrives!

Storm Miguel, named by the Spanish meteorological Organisation on Wednesday, arrived in the early hours of Friday with light showers between 01.30 and 02.15, which gave a rainfall total for the last twenty-four hours of 2.1mm. Friday morning arrived overcast, after initial brightness, with the first rain drops from the depression observed at 07.00 and steady rain began just before 07.30.

The centre of the deep depression is currently over Jersey but the barometer is falling rapidly, currently reading 1002.8mb. This is the lowest barometric pressure for a month and indicates that the depression is heading towards the UK with the rain radar indicating several hours of rainfall, which will be welcomed by local gardeners.

Thursday gave us 10.9 hours of welcome sunshine that meant the temperature eased upwards a little to reach 18.2C, but still 2C below average. The minimum overnight was 8.8C. recorded at 00.40. Subsequently the temperature began to rise as the thicker cloud from Storm Miguel began to drift towards the UK, the thermometer having recovered to 10.6C at 08.00 Friday.

Update on Friday at 15.00: the steady rainfall that fell between 07.00 and 13.35, from Storm Miguel, amounted to 11.1mm. The temperature was depressed around 12C all morning with a little brightness in the afternoon, which lifted that to 14.1C. The centre of the depression is now over southern England with the barometric pressure currently reading 998.2mb, the lowest in a month.

Update at 18.45: further showers arrived from the south just after 6pm. Late afternoon strong sunshine raised the temperature further to a maximum of 17.6C at 17.05, still below average.