Showers bypass Marlborough again!

I commented yesterday that summer showers, when they arrive from the south or west seem to track around the area giving Marlborough a miss, and yesterday was another example. At 16.30 the rain radar showed two modest sized intense showers developing to the south west but at 16.45 the radar clearly showed them passing to the west and east on a northeasterly track. So no rain again on Wednesday.

The maximum temperatures have been dropping over the past five days with maxima of 25.6C, 22.3C, 19.3C, 18.3C and 17.7C on Wednesday. Last night was the coldest this month when the thermometer dropped to a minimum of 5.8C, which was a significant 4.3C below the average.

Thursday saw the sun shine brightly after dawn with the thermometer, following the cold start, recover to 13.1C at 08.00.