Hot, Hot, Hot on Saturday

Under the influence of the hot air from the Sahara the thermometer rose steadily to reach a maximum of 31.8C at 14.42 on Saturday. This made it the hottest day since 21st June 2017.

The UV level was again very high.

Saturday was another day under the influence of the strong sunshine and fresh breeze when the evaporation from ground sources and plant life meant considerable loss of moisture into the atmosphere, 5.28mm and 5.7mm on the 28th and 29th respectively. The total loss for June is now 82mm.

A cold front traversed through our area around 01.00 early Sunday morning that dropped the temperature by 18C to a minimum of 13.4C at 03.14.

There were brief bright intervals on Sunday morning early but the cloud associated with the cold front began to thicken steadily.

Update on Sunday at 18.20: cold front produced a drop of over 10C compared to the peak on Saturday with a maximum temperature of 21.7C at 15.22, which was 1.5C above average.

Hot on Friday – touch of Summer

With the northeasterly wind a little less strong and 12.8 hours of sunshine the thermometer steadily rose to its maximum of 25.3C at 16.13. This was the third warmest day in June and 5.1C above the average.

It was another dry day. The sunshine and drying winds from the north east meant another 5mm of equivalent rainfall was lost to the atmosphere. The rainfall total for June stands at 70.7mm with evaporation from ground sources and plant life exceeding rainfall with a total of 76mm.

The UV level, not surprising for late June in glorious sunshine, very high.

A very warm might followed with the thermometer not falling below 14.0C measured at 04.56 this morning, Saturday, when the sun began to rise from a clear, if slightly hazy sky. By 08.00 the thermometer registered 17.9C.

Update on Saturday at 13.09: thermometer reaches 31.0C, equal to 88F in old money!

Update on Saturday at 16.30: maximum of 31.8C reached at 14.42 being warmest day since 21st June 2017 (32.2C)

Wall to wall sunshine, almost, on Thursday

After a cloudy start on Thursday the sun began to get to work on the cloud that had drifted in on the brisk north east wind so that by 08.00 the sun shone strongly producing 12.7 hours during the rest of the day. The warm, moist air and the sunshine boosted the temperature to a maximum of 23.8C at 16.50, which was 3.6C above the 35-year average. It was not the strongest sunshine that we have experienced this month as very thin, high cloud slightly muted the strength with higher peak solar radiation on several earlier days this month.

The brisk north easterly wind blew strongly all day, slightly easing in the afternoon, but with peak gust of 25mph at 12.03. The wind abated just a little overnight but on Friday morning there was little change with the 10 minute average wind speed down to 8 mph rather than 9 or 10 mph as on Thursday.

Friday began as Thursday with cloud cover brought in on the north easterly breeze but this dispersed by 07.30 so that the minimum of 11.4C had risen to 14.2C at 08.00.

Update on Friday at 16.25: temperature slowly rose to a maximum of 25.3C at 16.12 being 5.1C above average and the third warmest day in June. Previously 25.6C and 26.2C on the 1st and 24th respectively. Very, warm and humid as the wind slowly abated.

Pesky strong northeasterly made it feel cool on Wednesday.

After a cloudy and cool start to Wednesday the sun broke through in the afternoon, producing 5.24 hours of sunshine. However, the wind had backed into the north east and increased in strength during the day that tempered the temperature to a maximum of 18.9C, which was 1.3C below average. During the evening there were stronger gusts with a maximum of 28mph at 20.07.

The cloud increased overnight, brought in from the North Sea by the northeasterly wind, still strong, but by 07.30 Thursday morning the cloud was beginning to thin and by 08.00 there was almost continuous sunshine.

The barometric pressure rose again during the last twenty-four hours with a reading of 1028.9mb at 08.00, the highest pressure since 14th May. The wind direction is due to the high pressure currently situated to the north west of the UK and winds circulating around it in a clockwise direction.

A cooler day on Tuesday also Wednesday morning

Tuesday started with te thick cloud from the back end of the weather front that produced another 0.9mm of rainfall. As the day progressed the cloud thinned and gave occasional bright intervals that meant a slightly above average maximum of 21.2C (1.0C) in the early afternoon. Winds were light and variable but settled into a light breeze from the north east late afternoon.

The thick could persisted overnight providing a duvet to minimise heat loss into the atmosphere so that the minimum of 14.4C at 07.57 this morning, Wednesday, was 4.2C above average.

However, the thick cloud on Wednesday initially produced foggy conditions with visibility down to 1,100m brought in on the brisk north easterly breeze making it feel quite cool in the most air.

The barometric pressure has been rising for the past twenty-four hours with a current reading of 1026.1mb, which is the highest this month as an anticyclone edges in from the North Atlantic.

Update on Wednesday at 16.55: late sunshine lifted temperature to a maximum of 18.9C at 15.53, which was 1.3C below average, after a cold morning under a brisk, cool northeasterly wind.