Drizzle but no quantity

After a bright start during the morning on Sunday the cloud built up as a cold front traversed the area producing the occasional shower of light drizzle, starting at 12.16, that amounted to 0.2mm.

The reduced sunshine and thick cloud meant a cooler day with the temperature down 5C on Saturday with a maximum of 17.2C, almost exactly average for May.

A cooler night was also to follow with the thermometer falling away to a minimum of 7.4C at 04.21.

Monday started with thick cloud but by 08.00 the occasional bright interval occurred.

There have been references in the media about the lack of rainfall for farmers ad growers, especially in the east. The year 2018 gave us 783mm of rainfall, which was a significant 52mm below average. The first four months of 2019 gave a deficit of 52mm against the 35-year rainfall average with May currently 6mm below the average. In addition, May with 5 day to run has seen the equivalent of 73mm of rainfall evaporate into the atmosphere.