12 hours of sunshine a day for the second day

The easterly breeze, a little stronger on Monday, meant a slightly cooler day than on Sunday, with a maximum of 17.4C (+0.3C) at 15.57 even thought we enjoyed 12.3 hour of sunshine.

The loss of equivalent rainfall, as a result of evaporation from plant life and ground sources, was 4.3mm yesterday with the UV level again in the ‘high’ category.

The past night was not quite as cool as the previous night with a minimum of 3.5C, but still below average, (-3.6C) at 05.29. Tuesday morning saw the sun shining after dawn, if initially hazily, with the temperature recovering to 9.4C at 08.00.

Update on Tuesday at 18.25: thermometer rose to 18.6C at 15.50, making it the warmest day this month.