Wettest day in a year

Thursday was an abysmal day with hours of rain or drizzle that amounted to 18.9mm. This was the wettest day since 24 May 2018, which was an exceptionally wet day that saw 31.9mm recorded. The rainfall for May currently stands at 54.3mm, which is 89% of the 35-year average after only eight days.

There were glimpses of sunshine that totalled 3.2hours but the UV level was only ‘moderate’, the lowest level in a fortnight.

Not surprisingly, with all the thick cloud and precipitation, the thermometer struggled to reach 11.8C being a significant 5.3C below average and the coldest day since 27th April.

The cloud dispersed overnight leaving a clear sky at dawn with a minimum for 1.7C at 05.54. After broken cloud, by 08.00 on Friday the sun was beginning to shine more strongly that lifted the temperature to 6.8C.