A little warmer but still maximum below average

Tuesday brought us broken sunshine, and with the wind moving into the south and later into southeast, produced a slightly warmer day with a maximum of 14.5C but this was still 2.6C below average.

The barometric pressure has been falling since 01.00 on Monday as a depression approached from the Atlantic with a reading of 990.6mb at 08.00 Wednesday. Ahead of the low pressure was a wide rain band that produced a few spots of rain at 22.45 but the continuous rain started at 01.35 Wednesday, producing 7.4mm of rainfall, being the wettest day for over a month.

The hang back of cloud from the depression meant no sunshine at dawn on Wednesday as the depression and its associated cloud eased away to the northeast. As a result of the thick, low cloud overnight it was a much warmer with a minimum of 7.1C, which was exactly average for May.

My sunshine recorder has now been overhauled and placed back in position above roof height, I am very pleased to report, therefore data from that instrument will be on the website after today.